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I had an amazing weekend. Started it by talking a day of vacation to sort and throw away and re-arrange the bedroom and walk-in closet. I now have a bedroom with enough open space to do all my trul-kor cycles without hitting a piece of furniture AND my own practice space in the now nearly empty closet! Thank you to the Captain for help making this happen! Now I can set up a formal altar that doesn't need to be taken down after each session and one where I can set up appropriate offerings et al. It can also double as a snug little dharma study space. I am sooo happy and excited for this. Kates space, I has it. As a friend said this weekend "you did something for yourself!" There's more to do but already the energy in whole room is much better and I have a little area to decorate- such fun! I would like to learn how to do a very formal practice altar and now the first piece of that is ready!

Needless to say that took ALL DAY FRIDAY. I was up by 7:30am and got to bed after 1am. Yesterday I did many errands and recovered (read: took a huge nap). Today was program and more errands and a plan to do some stuff this afternoon was nixed by the T-storm and the accompaning pressure headache that put me to bed for two hours until the barometer changed again. So maybe some puttering this evening...

Also the captain changed the oil in my car this afternoon after coming home from work- so nice of him!

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