redmomoko (redmomoko) wrote,

Talkin' about Je-sus

Yesterday I posted a question on FB asking Christian friends their reaction to question "If Jesus had died in bed at ripe old age, would he still have died for your sins?" Unfortunately, I was not able to phrase the question quite so pithly at the time so there was a lot of confusion about what I was asking. Here's where that came from:

Someone else's FB posting a few days previously had included a reminder that the only people who ever offered to die for you were Jesus and the American Soldier. In considering this post it occurred to me that in my own religion no one had to die for anybody. The Buddha died but the thrust of the religion is about his *life*. I am not bound by guilt that anyone died for me (course, there is the whole debt I owe because he *lived* but that is another post). This made me very happy. Then it occured to me "What if Jesus had not died, either"? I had not unpacked the cultural idea that "Jesus died for you" in quite that way before- it is such an ingrained notion in American culture that it never occured to me to think about it another way. Jesus could have lived to have been an old man. What would be Christianity be like if he hadn't been crucified? What is the reaction of a Christian if you suggest that it could have been different?

Judging from the responses on FB, it's not a very interesting or profound question to anyone else. But I did enjoy the feeling of disjointment when seeing the packet of culture from another direction.
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