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That 5 question meme thing

Ok- here are the questions and the answers. I'm not posting the meme instructions as I doubt that I will follow through on asking anybody any questions. Thanks to <lj user=fairmer> for the questions.

1) You were a book reader growing up. What was the best book then, and why? What's the best book now, that you read back then (and why)?

Hmm. My memory is so bad that this is going to be hard. No, wait, I do growing up I'm going to assume you mean those books between youth books like Nancy Drew and books read as a teen.

The books I really liked then were books from which I could pilfer things for my own internal made-up dramatic epic- oh boy! did it put 15 volume novels to shame. I never wrote it out- too much work- just kept it going from day to day in my mind and also danced out most nights in the living room listening to Vangelis. The books didn't need to be particularly good- just mythic/epic enough in scope and about topics I liked or people I liked. Then I could pull out aspect/characters/ideas and add them to my own universe. Books I pilfered freely from were: "Sword of Shannara" and the second book in that series, never made it through book 3, McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern stuff, "Riders of the Sidhe" by Kenneth C Flint and second one *that* series (also never made it through book 3 of that one, either), "Tea with A Black Dragon" by R.A. MacAvoy, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", "The Grey King" by Cooper, small bits of "Dune" 'cause in general I didn't like it, "A Wrinkle in Time", "A Wind in the Door" I totally had a crush on Proginoskes!, "A Ring of Endless Light", "On a Pale Horse"....hmm there must have been other but only those has survived memory. Anything with death and the nature of reality would pretty much get me in the door. Epic battles of good and evil were good too.

The best book now...hmmm pretty much anything with death and/or the nature of reality and characters that I don't mind spending lots of time with and an internal philosophical system that doesn't make me too mad and books that Make Me Laugh. If I don't laugh, I won't read it. Terry Pratchett's recent stuff, Susanna Clark!, oh and interesting reference books, too. I love those.
2) Let's say the apocalypse comes and you get a unicorn side-kick because magic is real now. What do you do first?

First of all, I cannot believe you asked me a unicorn-apocalypse question! Second, I note that the requirements for having a unicorn have apparently changed with the advent of said Apocalypse. Thirdly, get on the damn unicorn and ride it around. Fourthly, raid the library and grocery store. Fifthly, wait for the NEXT apocalyse 'cause, really, if magic were easy....oh boy we would be screwed.
3) What vacation do you most want to take that you've not yet been able to?

Dave and I and two weeks in the very high mountains out west.

4) ILL the Card Game has become real. What is the card based on you called? What special powers does it have, and what weaknesses?
Mine is called "The Nose". It finds things. Weaknesses 1) you always forget you have it, 2) it finds what you tell it to find- which may not be want you actually need or want.

5) What's the best dream you ever had--the one you wouldn't mind having as a recurring dream, and/or the one you wouldn't mind achieving the lucid dreaming state for?
First off, I am terrible at remembering any dreams other than nightmares. THOSE I can remember. I want the ability to be lucid in any dream- then I might actually remember the good ones.

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